Engage Every Age Generational Marketing Course


Engage Every Age Generational Marketing Course was written to help you grow your business by effectively marketing and connecting to each generation. It was written to give you an opportunity to truly step back and take a look at your business and marketing plans with a new set of eyes.  Anne Loehr and Deborah Ginsburg have created a step-by-step guide so you can engage ALL your customers.

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Product Description

The Marketing Game has changed. In today’s market whether you deliver services, products or work in a corporation as part of a team, getting your marketing message right and on target came mean the difference between connecting and and losing business and revenue.

Many companies have chosen over the years to spend thousands of dollars bringing in experts to teach, educate and advise their teams on marketing. The Engage Every Age generation marketing course delivers all the value of a full marketing course, days of expert consulting in generational knowledge. Plus you get 180 minutes of phone consulting.

Are you an entrepreneur or business manager looking to improve your marketing skills? Do you want to connect with your customers in a more effective way? Then Engage Every Age is for you.

What You Will Learn In This Course

  • Marketing 101 – the terminology, the tools
  • What are generations and how are they grouped?
  • What formed the generations larger scale personas?
  • What are the key words that resonate and connect with each generation?
  • Why is this important?
  • How can you evaluate your current marketing and improve it to connect with your target clients?
  • How do you use this new knowledge to grow a business and monetize it?


What You Get!

Weeks 1-2 teach all you need to know about marketing. The basics; creating your marketing plan; identifying your ideal customer and building your brand messaging

Weeks 3-4 teach you all you need to know about the generations, what formed them and how to communicate with them

Weeks 5-6 help you take a critical look at you marketing plan and identity if you are effectively targeting your audience

Week 7 helps you put it all into action so you can maximize your knowledge and effectively connect with customers of all generations

PLUS! 180 Minutes of Coaching with Anne and Deborah along the way, to help you understand and execute what you learned

Our easy to follow course guide contains worksheets, tools and information to implement immediately so you connect more authentically with your consumer and grow your brand. The video links and glossary will help you refine your worksheets, which you can complete by yourself, with your team or with your coach.

By the time you complete week 7, you’ll have a written plan for connecting with your consumer and engaging every age of your target market.


Why is This Important?

Only 3% of new businesses succeed and only 10% of entrepreneurs make over $100,000 a year. Why is that? Take a look at your branding. What are the underlying values, feelings, and connections in your branding? Does it align with your ideal client? Does it make sense? Are you talking to yourself or to others? Often times, we business owners are not true marketers. We business owners get so excited about what it is we have to offer that we don’t take the time to really look objectively at our business, or marketing materials, to see if they speak to the person or group you are trying to sell to.

Engage Every Age is not a traditional marketing course. It is a combination of knowledge and exercises that will provide you with insights and rationale as to why people are wired the way they are. Why do we connect with certain messages and not others? It is not because the marketing is bad per se; it may be because it wasn’t written in “your language” or your subconscious language.

You are probably familiar with the statement, ‘We are shaped by the events around us as we grow up’. Whether they are political, economic, social, or environmental, there are different levels of events – grand events that happen on a national scale and smaller events that happen in our own personal space. These events and experiences ultimately affect our perceptions throughout our lifespan.

Engage Every Age was written to get you to think. It was written to give you an opportunity to truly step back and take a look at your business and marketing plans with a new set of eyes.

This is the first seminar I’ve attended in a long time where I received valuable, practical take‐aways. Learning the nuances of communication with Gen Y was fascinating, informative, and will be a great business tool.

 Lisa Forczyk


This class helped me identify why my message is not being heard and how to effectively communicate with each generation.

Noelle Belt


Working with Anne helped us effectively target and market to a new generation of donors. Her dynamic, fun and engaging presenting style, combined with her relevant and important information helped us be more productive and useful to those we serve.

Rebecca Locke – Sr. Director, American Red Cross


“It’s rare that a facilitator can guide a group through a presentation in ninety minutes while providing everyone with clear takeaways that we all could use immediately and effectively to benefit our business development efforts. Anne Loehr and Deborah Ginsburg are able to do exactly that.
Steve Dorfman, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Driven to Excel