I’ve written a lot about the different generations, and find understanding the root of their differing behavior and corresponding attitudes to be both a fascinating topic and a valuable management tool. As with everything in management, increasing the understanding between team members helps build positive and productive relationships. Also, with this understanding, it is easier to identify and focus on complimentary strengths, and opportunities for growth.

The infographic below is specific to America. It identifies the life shaping events of each generation, how those events lead to specific characteristics, and how to speak to those characteristics as a manager. Learn the language of each generation to increase employee engagement, and help your employees grow and develop.

For the first time in history, there are four generations in the workplace. While Traditionalists are on their way out, the remaining Baby BoomersGeneration X and Millennial generation(also known as Generation Y) are working side-by-side in today’s workforce. Though this may appear to be a challenge, it is also a tremendous opportunity to access a wealth of diverse qualities, that when appropriately combined, are sure to enrich the culture and success of your organization.


Generational differences in America 101: Infographic



I hope you enjoy this cheat sheet and are able to use it to work productively with your team. If you are interested in the topic of generational differences in the workplace, and how to leverage those differences, I encourage you to read my other blogs on the topic. Some examples of topics I have covered to date are managing up through the generationsgenerational hiringhow to mentor each generation in the workplacefinancial planning for Generation X and Generation Yhow to retain clients across generationsGeneration Y and emotional intelligencenegotiating with the generations, how to delegate so that BoomersGeneration Xand Millennials stay engaged and so much more.

I am also a keynote speaker on Generationally Aware Leadership.

I’m always interested in people’s perspectives about the generations– what they feel is untrue, the challenges they’ve had working with other generations, and things managers have learned along the way to improve communication and employee engagement across generations. Let’s chat! Send me an  email or find me on Twitter.

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