Millennial Thinking: Young Entrepreneurs Buy a Mountain

Millennial Thinking: Young Entrepreneurs Buy a Mountain

I’ve heard of big ticket purchases, but this one takes the cake. A group of young entrepreneurs named Summit have convinced approximately 50 investors to help them purchase a mountain (yes, a mountain!). The transformation of Powder Mountain in Eden, UT into Summit Eden is now underway.

Who are these entrepreneurs? According toForbes magazine, they are a gang of mostly twenty-something nomads who have run entrepreneur conferences called The Summit Series for the past five years. Saying “conference” might be a little misleading. These events include adventures too, like tagging tiger sharks with scientists or going off 20-foot waterfalls in kayaks. You may even catch Bill Clinton there.

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Infographic: Generational Differences in America 101

I’ve written a lot about the different generations, and find understanding the root of their differing behavior and corresponding attitudes to be both a fascinating topic and a valuable management tool. As with everything in management, increasing the understanding between team members helps build positive and productive relationships. Also, with this understanding, it is easier to identify and focus on complimentary strengths, and opportunities for growth.

The infographic below is specific to America. It identifies the life shaping events of each generation, how those events lead to specific characteristics, and how to speak to those characteristics as a manager. Learn the language of each generation to increase employee engagement, and help your employees grow and develop.

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Generational Differences and Demographic Shifts in the Workplace Require Adaptation: Anne Loehr on Public Speaking Tour

May kept me on the road, traveling from St. Louis to Southern California to Boston in just the first eight days!

What’s thrilling about these speaking engagements is the opportunity to help organizations navigate multi-generational communication challenges – from financial services firms who aim to retain client assets across generations to leaders as they begin to navigate rapidly changing workplace demographics.

Here is a photo that The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency tweeted after I presented a breakdown of Generation Y traits to their leaders.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 1.31.19 PM

After speaking to groups than span industries, my key take-away is that every organization — big and small — needs to learn how to adapt to both the seismic shifts in workplace demographics and the many layers of generational expectations. There’s a lot of change aheadand therefor a lot to learn.

Here is a snapshot of my speaking tour and topics covered. It was truly an honor to meet with so many talented, national leaders!

  • Edward Jones, May 1, St. Louis, MO
    Retaining Client Assets Through the Generations
    Helping clients retain assets throughout generations is a key concern for many families. My 5-Step checklist helped Edward Jones with this important task.
  • Pence Wealth Management, May 3, Irvine, CA
    Multi-Generational Communication
    Pence Wealth Management wanted their clients to learn how to better communicate with their kids and grandkids about all topics, not just financial topics.
  • Nixon Peabody, May 8, Boston, MA
    Our Changing Workforce
    During their annual meeting, I helped the Nixon Peabody leaders strategically think about their firm’s future growth.
  • Wells Fargo, May 13, Chicago, IL
    Engage Every Age: Bringing Generational Diversity to Your Practice
    This talk was specifically for financial advisors who strive to build better generational teams for their clients.
  • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, May 15, Springfield, VA
    Engage Every Age: How to Effectively Leverage the Strengths of Each Generation
    Speaking to over 400 of NGA’s leaders at their “Leader Day” was truly an honor.
  • Federal Highway Administration, June 12, webinar
    Engage Every Age: Why Traditional Management Techniques Fail with Generation X and Generation Y, and How to Adapt for Improved Performance
    This webinar was designed for FHWA’s mentors and protégé’s, allowing them to learn together about each other’s generational traits and strengths.

Do you think your organization is ready for the demographic shift that is headed your way? Do you feel that your organizational culture is handling generational differences in a positive and productive way? I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment below, send me an email or find me on Twitter.

Infographic: 4 Major Workplace Trends on the Horizon

Imagine our current workforce, minus 40% of its workers due to Baby Boomer retirement. Imagine that same workforce lacking women, because they’ve left to start their own businesses. Now add an influx of freelance workers, currently 53 million strong and growing. For the final touch, imagine that the remaining workforce will look completely different in more ways than one.

This is what the future of the US workforce looks like. Take a look at this infographic and be ready to brace yourself.

Leaders, are you ready?
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